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Is going to be a Sims, chinese takeout, and do nothing kind of night. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to finish up the GIANT artist feature I've been working on. Every time I think I'm close to finished, I find another awesome artist to feature! lol

I'm also going to try scanning some of my paintings and drawings so you guys can see them in high-res, but I'm not sure when that may take place yet. I've been really busy with work, keeping up with our home, looking for a new job (my current place of employment is about to close after 15 years of business Waaaah! ), and well.... just life in general. lol

Also, who else is looking forward to warmer weather to go out and explore in? I'm in northeast Ohio and this winter has been harsh. Where do ya'll live and what's the weather like?
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Where did you get the coconut? 

2 deviants said An African swallow carried it.
2 deviants said At the market.
1 deviant said We found it.
1 deviant said A European swallow carried it.
1 deviant said LOOK! In order to maintain air speed velocity, a swallow must beat it's wings 43 times a second. Right?!


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C.J. Algeri
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I love seeing the world in all of its glorious and wretched beauty. I love sharing that view with others. That is what got me interested in photography. With a single photo, the beauty of Gaia can radiate. With a single photo, the good and evil of men can be seen apart from one another and a part of one another.

I also dabble in drawing, painting, ceramics, woodcrafting, leather working, etc. etc.. If it keeps my hands busy and my mind sharp, I enjoy it. I'm self taught in my arts, having no formal training or education. My mind and body demand that I keep busy, therefor I am always learning new things and experimenting with new ideas and art forms.

On this page, you may also find some work that my friends have done for Algeri Arts!

Make sure to check us out on facebook at
I've been uploading my butt off! There's still a bit more to get on here (paintings and artisan projects and whatnot), but I still have to figure out how to image some of those items. In the meantime!.....

The miniature crossbows!
The gallery for them can be found here: CLICK MEH

Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos. I made them to hand out to family members at our Christmas gathering and completely forgot to take photos of them until we were about to leave, so these are pretty much just a bunch of quick, crappy cell phone pics so you guys can see these things. 
They are functional, and can fire a variety of miniature projectiles such as cotton swabs, match sticks, miniature popscicle sticks, and god only knows what else. I haven't had much time to experiment with projectiles because of how many of these things I've been making. 
All you have to do to shoot it is draw your string into the catch like a normal crossbow, load your projectile, and push up on the string to release. That is if it isn't one of the awesome ones I've been making lately with a functional trigger. 

You might be asking "how can I get my hands on one of these awesome items of desktop warfare?"... well, there's a couple of options. The first option is simply make one yourself! lol watch this VIDEO. There's a link in the description with the template for cutting the body pieces.
All you need is popscicle sticks, embroidery floss, sharpie, hair clips, and glue. 
Your other option is to order one from me. I have modified the original design, added some pro level upgrades into it's design, and use high quality materials. Each miniature crossbow is custom made using your choice of colors, add-ons, and materials, and design. I sell them for $20.00 a piece (plus cost of shipping). Even though they are rather inexpensive materials, all things considered, they are very time consuming. Some people think that $20 is a lot, but you are paying for anywhere from 3-10 hours of work making the highest quality miniature crossbows I can possibly produce. If you're interested in ordering one, message me here or at

Next thing I want to blabber on about is the Good Doctor costume I made. 
Lost in Thought by AlgeriArtsThe Good Doctor-in Color by AlgeriArts
This was a quick throw together for Halloween 2014. I made the mask with aluminum craft mesh and plaster cloth, then used white spray gloss and acrylic paint for color and detail. 
Here's where I got smart... I wear prescription lenses, and due to an eye condition I am unable to wear contact lenses. This can obviously be a real problem for someone who loves masks. lol
My solution for this mask? I took an old pair of prescription lenses and installed them into the mask with part of the frame for detail. 
I gotta say, I really wasn't too happy with the mask. Then the jacket became another problem. This was a thrift store find and the style matched what I was looking for, buuuuutttt the sleeves were both too short and too tight. I decided to cut them off, hem the edges, and simply roll them up. 
All in all, I wasn't happy with this costume.... then I started daydreaming, and came up with a character for an upcoming project (soon to be announced) that I think this kind of amateur, worn, rough kind of style would fit perfectly. So Ren and I went out to Squires Castle so we could do this shoot for me to kind of test the concept. What are your guys' thoughts on this costume? 

Now that I'm done rambling, I just wanted to apologize to my few loyal followers to pretty much completely disappearing. As I've said before things have been pretty hectic here between Ren and my jobs, her classes, commission works, car troubles, etc. etc. etc..... pretty much life happened, and I didn't have time to keep up on here. But thank you to everyone who stuck around to see what I've been working on this whole time. You guys all mean so much to me la in love 

I will be putting up a feature of quite a few very talented artists tomorrow, so don't forget to check back
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